About More Stuff


Once upon a time I was a wacky newspaper columnist.

It began in 1996, back before blogs, an innocent time when the internet was still so new (and slow) that we, the unsuspecting journalists who toiled in the newspaper industry, had no idea how it would soon turn everything upside down and pretty much destroy the way of life we loved.

My column for The Intelligencer Record (in Bucks County, PA) was called More Stuff, and I wrote about whatever tickled my fancy: the cool names kids called their grandparents, waiting in line for Springsteen tickets, duvet covers and armoires, Lots of Seinfeld and TV stuff, the secret of love, all about “real” and “fake” turkey club sandwiches, how bananas destroy marriages, wedding band inscriptions, spending an entire day in a movie theater, and the art of eating pancakes properly and combining cereal.

You know, the important stuff in life. I left The Intelligencer in 2003, but continued – whenever I could – to write wacky and hopefully humorous columns, articles and, eventually, blog posts, for all the newspapers I worked for over the years.

Couldn’t help myself. Had to do it. My column for the Morning Call was called Out There. And it was.

This blog is the new More Stuff column. With a little bit of Out There included (at no extra charge).

And, once again, it will be all about the little things that make life – and the people we meet – so interesting. I’ll take on new topics, and dive into the vault and include some edited versions of my old columns. I’m in the midst of cleaning out my office, going through thousands and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles and columns  that I’ve written over the years, trying to muster the courage to throw stuff out … and have found some stuff that still seems relevant and makes me chuckle.

I hope you enjoy the new More Stuff.

You can email me at: steve.wartenberg@gmail.com