Things I Think About While Trying Not To Think While Meditating

I’m into meditation. But not very good at it. Yet.

Hey, it’s hard to shut down my brain; to turn off the finely-tuned, hyperactive thinking machine on top of my shoulders for even a few minutes at a time. Especially now, these days, when we’re so connected to and bombarded with tweets, texts, Facebook, emails, Instagram and all the non-stop news from Washington, D.C. and … damn … it’s exhausting and stressful just thinking about it.

Earlier today, I completed a four-week meditation course at Yoga On High. I learned a lot and improved my meditation skills, and yet, during class today, I thought about…


Dinner. I think I’m gonna do something with the sweet potatoes I got the other day. Susan loves sweet potatoes. I think I’ll roast them. Yeah, that sounds tasty.

Arnold. Not the Arnold, but the Arnold Sports Festival. It starts on Thursday and I’ll be blogging for them. I love this event. So many fascinating people. So many great stories. But parking? Where am I gonna park? I used to have a secret – and free! – place about a mile away, but now they went and totally changed the parking situation in the Short North and you need to download an app to park and you have to…

Provence. Susan’s at home, working on formatting my new, updated Biking Provence eBook. She’s been having some problems, as the host site has gone and changed everything and made formatting so much harder. Why? Why would they do such a thing? Do they have it out for me? Do we need to find a new host site?

Goat cheese. We have some goat cheese, and that would go great on top of the sweet potatoes. With some toasted walnuts. Damn, that sounds good. I’m getting hungry.

Fourth Street: I think there’s a $5 a day lot of Fourth where I can park for the Arnold. It’s only about a half mile walk from there to the convention center. Yeah, I’ll swing by there after meditation class to make sure, or maybe I can check out a spot over on…


Leafy greens: Would also go great with the sweet potatoes, goat cheese and walnuts. And we need more leafy greens in our diet, Susan and me, and you too. Leafy greens are so healthy. I have some watercress and some kale and…

The Weather: It’s been kind of lousy lately, for cycling. But tomorrow might be OK. Maybe I can get in a ride in the morning. And try to meditate while I ride. I find cycling very relaxing and meditative and…

Beets: I still have some leftover roasted beets in the frig from the other night. Maybe they’ll go good with the leafy greens. Susan loves beets. Maybe even more than sweet potatoes. And they’re also totally good for you

Spike Lee: I’m hoping he wins an Oscar tonight for BlacKkKlansman. I think it was the best movie of 2018, although we haven’t seen Roma yet and everyone’s saying it’s great and it’s on Netflix right now, but it has subtitles and that’s a lot of work and…


Dessert: I don’t have anything for dessert, and Susan loves dessert. But we do have some Valentine’s Day chocolate left, so maybe we can have a couple pieces. But only a couple pieces. I haven’t been riding much and have gained 7 pounds and…

Whoops, gotta go. Class is over.

2 thoughts on “Things I Think About While Trying Not To Think While Meditating

  1. I agree-BlackKKlansman (or however it is spelled) is the best of the nominated movies…and Spike Lee is SO overdue for an Oscar…


    1. Michael … Thanks for your comments. For some reason, I approve the comments I receive (even the ones from my mother!), but they don’t seem to show up. It’s very frustrating. Anyway, I’ll be rooting for Spike too … I actually met him, back in 1996 … at the Olympics. I know it sounds pretty impressive to name drop. Hope all is well. Come to Columbus to give a talk soon!


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