My 31 Days (of Riding) in May

I rode my bike every day in May, a total of 1,070 miles. Along the way, I learned a lot about myself and the world around me. Here goes…

**The porta-potties along the Olentangy multi-use path are extra disgusting on Monday mornings. And super-ultra-disgusting on the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend.

**You go through a lot of laundry when you ride every day: Bike stuff and “regular” clothes. We may need a new washing machine if I keep up this pace.

pants**It seems that bike shorts can wear out, and the butt balm some of us apply on our butts before a ride (to prevent chafing) may actually dissolve lycra threads. I discovered this when Susan said: “I can see your butt through your bike shorts!”

“What?” I answered.

Susan: “The threads are worn away and I can see your butt. Everyone can see your butt.”

“I don’t think I understand your point. What’s the problem?”

Actually, I understood her point and reluctantly, very reluctantly, threw out the offending pair of bike shorts. After the ride.

**May started out with 1.7 days of spring-like weather. And then it immediately became summer. And, I just read in the Dispatch that this May was the hottest May ever.

**Kind bars melt when you put them in the back pocket of your bike jersey and turn into a gooey mess. Larabars do not.

**I also seem to melt a bit after a long ride on a 90-degree day. This makes my post-ride yoga routine a sweaty mess for me, the yoga mat and the floor around my yoga mat. And then, my post-ride, post-yoga shower doesn’t seem to “stick” and I’m sweating before I can get dressed.

bird and chick on sidewalk
Photo by Brett Sayles on

**May is gosling-birth month and lots of lots of baby geese spring up along the path. Along with lots and lots of very protective goose moms. I’ve learned the four stages of Mother Goose Rage:

1.They open their mouths, I mean beaks, and malevolently stare at you. Sometimes they wag their tongues.

2.They open their beaks, stare malevolently and start honking maniacally.

3.Open beak, honk … and start frantically flapping their wings. If you see this, get the hell out of there ASAP because…

4.Open beak, honk, flap wings … and then they fly at you like a 40-pound dive bomber comprised of beak and feathers.

Number four has only happened to me once, and it was quite frightening.

**It seems that a slightly higher percentage of cyclists have become more friendly, courteous and calm while riding on the paths … and I credit my previous post.

blue clouds color danger
Photo by Pixabay on

**There are a lot of pop-up thunderstorms in May. Over the years, I’ve learned that if you stuff your sopping-wet bike shoes full of wadded up newspaper, they’ll be dry and ready to go the next morning. See, yet another reason to subscribe to the Dispatch.

**All this riding has made the T cells in my immune system super, duper strong. Here’s why.

**It’s a lot easier to apply sunscreen before you put on your bike jersey. But I never remember.

pulll**I’ve always dreamed that one day … somehow, someway … I’d get paid for riding my bike. Come on, you’ve dreamed of this too. And now it’s happened! I earned $66.26 in May from my Pelotonia PULL app. It gives riders 6 cents for every mile we ride. OK, I don’t actually get the money. Even better, it goes to fund cancer research at the James.


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