The Case of the Mysterious Backpack: Another Lost Wedding Band Story

So, I’m at a party and suddenly a great lost wedding band story breaks out…

Coincidence? Or are these blog posts sparking discussion, conversations and storytelling all over the world about lost wedding bands? I’ll go with coincidence. Or the fact that I asked if anyone at the party had a great lost wedding band story.

pexels-photo-89089.pngLauren: It was 2007 and I was home from college after spring semester, before my summer job as a counselor at Camp Cheerio Adventures.

Me: Camp Cheerio Adventures? Like the cereal?

Lauren: Like the cereal.

Me: I didn’t know Cheerios were so adventurous. What is it you do with them at this camp?

Lauren: Ha-ha Mr. Funny Guy. My dad and I went on a hike and at the top there’s a rock scramble. So, he took of his wedding band and put it in my backpack in this extra zipper pouch.

Jeff: Why?

pexels-photo-547116.jpegLauren: Because sometimes his fingers swell up. We did the hike, no problem, and at some point during the next few days, before I left for camp, he remembered I had his ring. But it wasn’t in the zipper pouch. It was gone. I worked at the camp all summer, for eight weeks, and used that backpack every day. I finished the summer, got home and opened the bag and there it was. His wedding band!

Jeff: How did you tell him you found it? What did you say?

Lauren: Now that I think about it, maybe I wasn’t home when I found it. I think I was back at college and I called him and said “Dad, you’re not going to believe what I just found.”

BTW: Jeff has an inscription inside his wedding band: Vous et nul sutra.

For those of you who can’t read French: You and no other.

OK, who else has a great lost wedding band story? Either email it to me, or invite me to your party.

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