Some Random Thoughts … and Pizza Pictures

pizza26*Is forgetting something a thing that you did or something you didn’t do?

*I don’t like Facebook posts that make you read to the end, and then prove you read to the end by posting the “secret” word in the comments section. Seems a little needy, and I refuse to play along based on principle. It’s up to me or you (the writer of the post), to make the post so fascinating, interesting, funny and/or informative that people will want and need to read it to the end. It shouldn’t be a test of loyalty. It should be a test of good writing. So, it’s totally OK with me if you don’t read this post to the end. It’s my fault for being boring. I’ll try harder.

*We have (finally) started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Wow, what a rollercoaster of emotions, most of them sad and terrifying. And, what with a wanna-be-dictator Prez in office and out of control, a little too real for comfort. A few questions have popped into my mind while watching:

1.Wouldn’t it have been a helluva lot easier for everyone involved to instead use artificial insemination?pizza22

2.After binge-watching a couple episodes of Handmaid’s Tale with your significant other, have you ever then been in an amorous mood? If so, you may have a problem.

3.Is the virus from Handmaid’s Tale in any way connected to the virus in The Last Man on Earth?

*In real life nobody eats Chinese food directly out of the white, paper-box containers. And yet, they do it all the time on TV. You have to mix the kung pow chicken in one container and the rice from another container together, in a separate receptacle, and then you can start eating. Even if you’re in the F.B.I. or N.C.I.S.

pizza21*I always thought the woman who plays Sheldon’s mom on Young Sheldon seemed like a younger version of the women who plays Sheldon’s mom on The Big Bang. Wow, what amazing casting.

Well, it turns out Zoe Perry (Young Sheldon’s mom) is the real-life daughter of Laurie Metcalf (older Sheldon’s TV mom). Learned this while listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast with Laurie. I also learned she once dated John Malkovich. I’ll bet that was intense. And maybe even a little scary.

*Thanks for reading this post to the end.



One thought on “Some Random Thoughts … and Pizza Pictures

  1. I love that you are giving us More Stuff fans a peak into the inner workings of your mind.
    Yes, I stated the obvious. That’s what More Stuff is. I particularly enjoy the format of Random Thoughts on Pizza ……..etc. It makes me feel like we are chatting in your living room which I miss and I now have a big lump in my throat. Sniffle sniffle.


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