Super Bowl Memories & Michelle’s Eyelashes

 I can’t watch the Super Bowl today (click here to read why), so here’s one from the vault: Feb. 4, 2001 (Ravens & Giants).

gorilla1Another boring Super Bowl has come and gone (FYI: In the early oughts they were all blowouts).

Fortunately, Michelle and Gina were there for comic relief.

This must have been Gina’s first-ever Super Bowl Party. On the way over to Michelle and Bryan’s house, she actually said: “I doubt the Super Bowl will even be on. Maybe we can check the score occasionally.”

What planet is she from?

After a shot of the back of the jersey of a member of the Giants, whose last name is Toomer…

Gina: “What’s his first name, benign?”

No, it’s Armani … which led to a long discussion on fashion.

After a shot of portly Ravens defensive lineman Tony Siragusa…

Gina: “Is that padding or does he have two sets of boobs?”

After much debate, we couldn’t decide. But were strangely intrigued.

After the first half’s two-minute warning…

Michelle: “Great, the game’s almost over.”

Sorry Michelle, another half to go.

Michelle: “Can we play charades at halftime?”

Bryan, Peter and Steve (in perfect unison): “No!”

Gina: “Whatever happened to The Refrigerator?”

Nobody knew.

Michelle (to Bryan, after he tries to shush her): “We can talk! You don’t need to hear it. Just watch it.”

A little later…

Gina: “Michelle has three eyelash curlers.”

brown-brown-eyes-iris-gene-46279.jpegMichelle (defensively): “They’re all different.”

Gina: “I think you may have a problem.”

Michelle: “Is there a group I can join?”

There’s a minute left in the third quarter and…

Michelle: “Great, the game’s finally almost over.”

Sorry Michelle, another quarter to go.

Michelle: “What a boring game. Why can’t the Giants do anything? Is it the personality of their players?”

Why yes, it is. That’s the problem.

A few seconds later…

Michelle: “We could have been playing charades this whole time.”

Gina (after one of the announcers mentions the Ravens): “Who are the Ravens?”

Uh, the team from Baltimore we’ve been watching the past four hours.

Gina: “Oh.”

gorilla2Finally, and mercifully (for the Giants, and for Michelle, Gina and Susan), it’s over.

Michelle: “Now, can we finally play charades?”

Bryan, Peter and Steve (in perfect unison): “No.”

As you may have guessed, we spent the next couple of hours playing charades.

BTW: Michelle is up to six eyelash curlers … and has yet to find a support group. Then again, she does have spectacular eye lashes. Women would kill for Michelle’s eyelashes.

Photos by Susan Cunningham (AKA: SusanSnowPhotos). To see more of her work, click here.


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