Wedding Band Stories: The “Lost” Episodes

The wedding band stories are pouring in.

No, not romantic inscription stories, but something maybe even better: Lost wedding band stories. In this adventure-packed episode we have: parking lots, oceans and airplanes.

Our first story is from Chris – and it’s about a friend (really, it’s his friend, not Chris … or so he says!).

sea-bay-waterfront-beach-50594.jpegSo, his friend is on his honeymoon, on some island in the Caribbean. He’s out in the water, on a board of some sort riding the waves. Somehow, his ring falls off his finger and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

It’s gone.

The distraught guy rides his board back to the beach, and tells his tale of woe to a couple of dive teachers/leaders from the resort. They’re romantic guys (aren’t all diver leaders?) and volunteer to go back out and dive down and look for the ring. Somehow, the newlywed knows the exact spot where he lost his ring, the divers dive down and one of them emerges holding a wedding band aloft in triumph.

They all cheer and high five.

But here’s the thing: It’s not the guy’s ring! It’s someone else’s wedding band.

Only kidding, it was his ring. But it would have been a better – and even finnier – story if it wasn’t.

“I don’t know if he ever told his wife what happened,” Chris said of his friend.

The second story is from Raf.

So, Raf and his wife decide to split up. And, as can happen in these situations, there were some strong emotions involved. One day, an especially tough day for Raf, he’s driving around in a large strip mall, can’t take it any more … his rage gets the best of him … and he wrestles his wedding band off his finger and hurls it out the window at the side of a store.

And drives off.

Raf realizes he’s gone too far. A ring too far. His dramatic gesture might not have been such a wise – or cathartic – thing to do.

“I drove back and spent an hour looking for that damn ring,” Raf said.

He never found it.

Story number three…

aircraft-jet-landing-cloud-46148.jpegJoe is on an airplane. He’s new to being married and wearing a wedding band. He takes it off and is playing with it, twirling it around in his hand. The plane hits some turbulence, the ring goes flying and then rolling … and it’s gone. Picture it soaring through the air in slow motion, with Joe shouting “nooooooooooooo.”

After everyone de-boards (un-boards?), Joe tells one of the flight attendants what happened, and together they scour the floor of the plane, crawling around under seats. Yuck, imagine all the crap left behind after a flight.

No luck. It’s gone.

Do you think someone, like that annoying guy two rows up, saw it by his feet and snuck it into their pocket?


OK that’s it for this edition of the Wedding Band Stories. Feel free to add to the fun with your story. Email them to me at:


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