Does Your Wedding Band Have An Inscription?

pexels-photo-230289.jpegThis was supposed to be easy.

I emailed several male family members and friends, the ones who are (still!) married, and asked them a simple question: “What’s inscribed inside your wedding bands?”

My goal was to compile all the romantic and fun inscriptions they sent into a new More Stuff blog. I did this years ago, and the inscriptions poured in from readers: Gee Alice I’m Glad I Love You; Forever my bunny eyes; Marry me, I’ll Smile Forever; Taffeta Sweetheart; You are my fantasy.

Not so much this time.

Bob: “Why would you think we would be able to get our rings off our fingers after all these years to check?”

That Bob, he’s so darn funny. Eventually he dislodged his ring from his finger, checked and … “No inscription.”

Jeff: “No inscription. Julie and I were so poor back then that an inscription would have read: ‘Eat more Cracker Jacks, find more prizes.’”

Howard: “My father never wore his wedding band (after the day he was married). So, I thought it would be rather cool if I wore a ring that had my parents initials and wedding date along with ours.”

OK, now we’re getting somewhere.pexels-photo-230290.jpeg

Howard: “Someday, I hope to sell the ring to David (his son) so he can do the same.”

I think he was joking about “selling” the ring to David. Then again, you never know with Howard.

Kurt: “Mine is pretty boring. Our anniversary date is inscribed on the inside of the ring.”

Sorry Kurt (and thousands more), your wedding date isn’t a real inscription. It’s a yearly reminder. And now that Facebook reminds us about important stuff like this, I bet fewer and fewer couples get the date inscribed inside their bands.

Dick: He and Annette went with: AMH to RSB With Love 7-31-1982, and RSB to AMH XOXOX  7-31-1982. “Annette wanted the XOs,” Dick wrote. “That’s Annette!”

This is a little better than just the date.

Bob, the one from up above, with the pudgy fingers, suggested I check with his son, Josh. He’s is a romantic kind of guy.

Josh: “Sorry, no inscription.”

Great, two generations of un-romantic relatives, a Baby Boomer and a Millennial.

I was about to give up hope. And then I heard from Andy.

Andy: “The story comes from the night I met Victoria: August 19, 2000.”

They met at a cast party after a production of the Actor’s Gang Theater. Victoria was in the play, so already we’re off to a romantic start.

They were introduced, started chatting and…

pexels-photo.jpgAndy: “After about a minute, tops, she asked me: ‘Are you a Sagittarius?’ I was … (and) as it so happened, I had just gotten my first cell phone, an Ericsson. It had a very primitive web feature that included an astrological chart. You could put in your birth date and it would spit out the details of your birth chart. I pulled out the phone and handed it to her, explaining that it had my astrological chart in it (to show her I was down with astrology). She read some of it, spoke in tongues I didn’t understand about rising signs, moons, houses, and aspects, and then pronounced: ‘We’re soulmates!’”

They really were, and “Soulmates” is inscribed on their wedding bands.

OK, you’re probably wondering what’s inscribed inside Susan’s wedding band and inside mine. If it’s not pretty darn romantic, that would make me one heck of an unromantic hypocrite.

The pressure is on, so here goes…

For some reason, I was in charge of wedding bands. I think it was the man’s job back then (1993). Plus, Dad knew a jeweler and said he could get me a deal. I went with: “The Adventure Begins.” And the date.

Falling in love and getting married really are quite the adventure, and when you combine the two with the right person, well then, pow! Plus, two days after our nuptials (that’s a funny word, isn’t it?), we flew to Paris to begin our two-month, bike-ride-across-France honeymoon. Quite an adventure … and test of a fledging marriage. Our nuptials survived! Despite the three-day fight that started in Bayeux.

So, come on, I know I’m not the only romantic man (or woman) out there. What’s inscribed inside your wedding band? The world needs more romantics. And inscriptions.

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