I’m Going Bananas – But Only Halfway

“You want half this banana? It’s too much for my bowl of cereal,” I asked Susan the other day, and immediately realized the significance of what I’d just said.banana

That’s something my father says, and does. He eats half a banana, folds the peel back around the remaining banana and eats it later in the day, or mom eats it later in the day. Sometimes, they wait so long the peel gets all dark and gross. And still they eat it.

I used to make fun of dad and say: “What, a whole banana is too much for you?”

And now, here I just went and did what I mocked dad for doing. Am I turning into my father? What’s next? Ordering one entrée at a restaurant – and splitting it with Susan?

In my defense, it was a really big banana. Huge.

banana2I got it at Trader Joe’s and, as I’m sure you know, they sell them there for only 19 cents a banana. They’re famous for it. So, just like you, I pick out the three or four biggest bananas. And these three or four were super big. The biggest I’ve ever seen.

So gigantic one would have lasted mom and dad a week or two.

So, Susan didn’t want the other half of my banana, saying it was “too banana-ee.” So, I folded the peel back over the remaining half and saved it for later.

Dad would be proud.

What the heck is “too banana-ee?”

Well, it seems Susan likes her bananas when the peels are still on the green side, and the banana inside is all hard and pretty much tasteless. I like mine a few days later, when the peel is all yellow and even has a few black speckles. This is when it tastes perfectly banana-ee.banana1

There’s no such thing as too banana-ee. That’s like saying this chocolate is too chocolate-ee or this beer is too beer-ee.

Then there’s our friend Mat, who agrees with Susan and also likes to eat green bananas. What do they know? And why is Mat more banana compatible with Susan than I am? Should I be worried?

I have another friend who only eats the ends of his bananas, swearing up and down that the ends are sweeter and tastier than the middles.

How do you like your bananas?

One thought on “I’m Going Bananas – But Only Halfway

  1. I’m a bit of a banana weirdo. I like a banana in it’s natural state and like Susan more green less yellow. I don’t like sliced banana in a fruit salad – slimy and gross – yuck. I went through a phase a long time ago where i loved sliced bananas on my spoon size shredded wheat cereal. Banana bread , pass. Too banana-y. Same with banana pancakes.


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