Why You Should Dial Down Your Trump Hate

I don’t hate Donald Trump … and neither should you.

OK, I admit it: I did hate Trump. From Day One. From the very first lie and racist remark. Kind of hard not to hate the guy. Or make fun of his hair. But I’m working on it. I’m trying to dial down my Trump hate.


trump1Because hate is bad. It’s just bad for the soul. It’s a negative emotion that breeds more and more hate and anger and leads to all sorts of other bad things. Like ulcers, stress, anxiety and heart palpitations. And now that I’m paying $300 more a month for our Affordable Care Act coverage, and the program could disappear by the end of 2018, and Susan and I will be screwed and without coverage and what if I’m in an accident and…

Calm down Steve, calm down. Take a breath. See, just thinking about Trump is raising my blood pressure. And I can’t afford a trip to the emergency room.

OK, back to the reasons I’m trying not to hate Trump. And Jared and Don Jr. and Sessions and that idiot running the EPA. And all those Trump enablers and …

Calm down, take another breath and keep typing. Get back to the Why You Shouldn’t Hate Trump blog post.

Another reason not to hate the Donald is that all the Trump hate can overwhelm you to such an extent that you want everything he touches to go to hell. Or into a shithole.


But, if everything Trump touches goes to hell, then we – the American people – are going there with him. There will be wars, people will die, the economy will tank and jobs will be lost, racism will run rampant, Dreamers will be booted out, children will be uninsured, the environment will be destroyed and…

Hang on … I need to take a walk around the block and calm down.

OK, I’m back.

I wish I had a solution: A way in which we could stand up to Trump and have him fail, yet still have the country do well and for there to be justice and compassion for all.

Oh wait, there is a way!

And it’s called the midterm elections. It’s voting. And it’s writing letters to your Congressman and Senators. And it’s voting out all those Trump supporters and enablers. And it’s called demonstrating. Marching. Resisting.

Action and resistance aren’t hate. They’re, well, action and resistance, and they’re positive actions and emotions that will lead to a sense of satisfaction. They’re cathartic and good for the soul. Plus, marching is a really good cardio-vascular exercise.

OK, I feel a little better now. I hope you do too. And that you’ll dial down all the Trump hate, for your own good, and dial up your Trump resistance, for the good of the world.

Ready, set, go…

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Dial Down Your Trump Hate

  1. I applaud your stoicism but, sorry, I don’t think I’m capable of dialing back on this one. Besides there are health benefits. I’m finding that actually vocalizing my dislike for that loofah faced cheeto shitgibbon allows me to decompress!


  2. Bad Republicans — they’ve been trying to put me out of work for 40 years and take food out of the mouth of my poor little children and this I cannot forget or forgive. Thee only legal way to get rid of Trump is impeachment, which takes a Democratic Congress elected this fall. And shame on the Bad Republicans in control of Congress for covering for Trump and looking the other way.


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