I’m Full of Gas … How About You?

8.63 gallons.

That was my guess as I started pumping gas. “No, wait, 8.65 … no, 8.72 … no, I’m sticking with 8.63 gallons,” I mumbled to myself. “I have a good feeling about 8.63. Yep, 8.63 gallons. And today’s the day.”gasgame

This was my educated guess about how much gas it would take to fill the tank of my Honda Fit. It was based on the size of the gas tank (10 gallons) and how much I’d been driving since the “need gas” red light went on (not too much). And my desire (obsessive need?) to turn even the simplest, most mundane task into something challenging and fun.

Here’s how my Getting-Gas Guessing Game (patent pending) works. The goal is to predict exactly how much gas it will take until the handle clicks off and my tank is full. But, and this is an important but, you only have to guess correctly to the second decimal point. I mean, come on, why does the pump tell you to the 1,000th of a gallon how much gas you just pumped? That’s a bit obsessive and isn’t information anyone ever needs to know. Even Sheldon. Oh wait, he doesn’t drive. Or pump gas.

I’ve been close before, and once came within three 100ths of a gallon. I know, that’s pretty darn impressive. Then again, I am the game’s inventor.

OK, so there I was, pumping optimistically (the best way to pump gas) … and was up to 7.6 gallons, 7.8 gallons, and I was getting nervous. “Damn, I should have guessed 8.72, no, 8.74. No, 9.01.”

The handle clicked.

I looked, and … 8.619.

So darn close, off by only .011. Oh well, there’s always next time.

And, there’s always the How Many Steps Game, in which I guess exactly how many strides (a right and a left step) it will take me to walk from Point A to Point B. It’s exactly 1,244 strides to the gas station, which is kind of a silly thing to know since there’s no real point in walking to a gas station.

BTW: I don’t actually count my strides. My iPhone does it for me. Counting would make me a bit obsessive compulsive and I’m not, despite all the evidence above. I’m charmingly quirky.

BTWA: What games do you play that are similar to my gas- and stride-guessing games? Come on, you know you do. We all have our charming quirks and obsessions. And guessing games.

BTWAA: Still need a few more Grandmomisims for my next post on all the funny, cool, interesting names kids call their grandparents. Let me know if you have one. Here’s the first Grandmomisms post.

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