The Legend of Beebok (and Other Grandmomisms)

BeebokA long time ago (1996), I began writing a goofy column called More Stuff for the Buck County (PA) Intelligencer Record.

 My most popular columns were the ones in which I described all the silly, funny and sweet names that kids called their grandparents – and the stories of how they got their names. I called them Grandmomisms, and readers sent me scores of new ones and the columns kept coming. Nine in all.

 Here’s a few examples: Grandma Meatball, Dibba Dibba, Grammy Cluck Cluck, Gummy, Grandma Hootie, Spike, Grumpy, Moo-Moo and Mimi, Super Al, Kinky, Zaz, Yoda Mom and Yoda Pop, Grandma Banana and Grandma Apple Pie.

And now, it’s time to re-start Grandmomisms … starting with my mother-in law, Joyce.

 I never wrote about Joyce in my Grandmomisms columns, because, well, she was called Grandma Joyce back then by her six grandkids. Sorry Grandma Joyce, but that doesn’t make the grade … or column.

 So, skip ahead a decade or so and Grandma Joyce lives around the corner from her daughter, Victoria, her husband, Andy, and their two little girls: Sophie and Colette (Grandma Joyce’s seventh and eighth grandkids). Grandma Joyce is over the house all the time: babysitting, eating dinner, knitting and complimenting Victoria on her parenting skills. And, every time Grandma Joyce heads home, she says: “I’ll be back.”

 The perceptive little Sophie, who is just starting to grasp the basics of talking, starts calling her Be Back, which morphed into Beebok. It catches on and Grandma Joyce is now Beebok. And loves it.

 Do you have a Grandmomism?

 If so, send me the name and the story behind the name ( and perhaps it will appear in my blog.

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